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aramini srl

is a company specialized in automation and in particular in the field of components wrapped with complete know-how from winding, welding, testing and assembly. the constant use of advanced technologies makes the equipment simple, flexible and easily adaptable to new projects
hence the BTTF project (Back To The Future), a flexible automation system that responds to the most modern Lean Manifacturing concepts

Si propio come una formica!

the name ANT has been chosen because the development of the algorithms used for the management of AVI and related missions has been developed by studying the behavior of these insects
ANT is a complete system able to manage the logic integrated with production, fitting perfectly into the production cycle of a company
ANT responds to the ever more pressing demand from the market of flexible, simple production systems that allow a continuous adaptation to changes in the market


Aramini srl is a young, flexible company working in the sector of automation. We design, develop and assemble single automated machines, complete automated assembly lines and robotic sections of plants. We have worked in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronic production and assembly lines in general.Our office can supply a range of services, from consultancy to a design studio as well as the construction of machinery and entire assembly lines. We also are able to integrate, modify and provide service to existing plant and machinery.

Driving Automation & Winding

Assombly Technology

  • Feeding and sorting system
  • Camera feeder system
  • Palletizer system
  • Free pallet lines
  • Round table device
  • Articulated and scara robots
  • Linear motor
  • Torque motor
  • Profibus and io-link system
  • Net and wireless devices
  • Tag memory devices

Coll Production Techology

  • Spindle machines
  • Flyer Machines
  • Air and electrical selfbonding wire machines
  • Multiaxes interpolation system
  • Soldering
  • Micro resistance welding
  • Arc pulse welding
  • Laser welding

Test and Statistical Process Control

  • Postion-force
  • Dimensional
  • Electrical isolation
  • surge & Ohmic test
  • Current-time test
  • Air & Elio micro Leakage
  • Vision Test
  • SPC controle and supervision
  • gauss validate distribution
  • Complete process control
  • OEE (Overall Equioment Effectiveness)

Tailored Technology Fitting Customer Needs

  • CoDesing
  • Design and Project Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
  • Scouting of New Technologies
  • Access to Internet realtime work process
  • Flexibility
  • Customer tips, company inputs
  • Reduced lead time
  • Quality-Price Ratio
  • Cost effective Service & Maintenace


lavora con noi

aramini s.r.l is a company where its value is represented grazzie to his personalle who particularly cares about the future and the growth of the company.

people who work with us are proud of what they do and make them get up in the morning to get their jobs.

among the various people from the designer, to the mechanic, to the eletricist, to the employee, to accounting, to logistics, thanks to them demonstrating that the company grows grazzie to the characteristics of each one of their individual qualifications, it creates a family situation

+39 (0)0374 351167
+39 (0)0374 351167


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